Be careful it is attached to the video cable. My daughter will be happy that the screen will finally stay where she wants it rather than falling down all the time. The laptop tries to output at X and all video is skewed to the left side. I can however use it with external monitor. This product is good for the following Models and Part.

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Thanks dear, The information was really very helpful, infact i was having problem with hinges the have got loose but not broken any way, I accessed the Lcd and disassemble the hinges, and make them thight again by a special research on the topic, lol.

Replacing broken hinges on Dell Latitude C640 C540

These screws are marked with a letter K stamped on the base. My hinges are still in one piece, but after a fall the laptop case broke. If these instructions are followed in order and you take your time its a rather painless process.

A simple touch up of the solder joints related to the LCD connector would be my priority. Take a look at latituxe post.

Dell Latitude C Laptop Replacement Parts |

Just used it to replace the hinges on my old Latitude D These directions also work for the C the laptop I actually fixed and probably also the C However I have another problem where displya using the notebook for a few minutes the screen will be turned off. The inverter is cheap and most likely it will fix your problem.


Thanks again for doing this! Thank you — excellent visplay by step plans.

Actually it is probably not turned off but extremely latigude, and I could see barely shadows of windows and moving cursors on it. However, I do not believe I have a broken hinge s but rather a loose one s for my The manual has instructions for removing and taking apart the display panel. Directions were great and the whole job — start to finish took under 2 hours. I guess you want to replace the power jack.

The broken hinge has to be replaced with a new one, you cannot repair it.

The hinges for holding the screen laptop seem to be broken, ie the laptop does not stay in place and either flops shut or flops backwards. Can you test your laptop with an external monitor? Lift up the keyboard from the base. I put my money where my mouth is and just sent in a donation.

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After that go to images and compare hinges. My daughter will be happy that the screen will finally stay where she wants it rather than falling down all the time.


My m was working swimmingly except for the fact that the screen had started flopping around like a fish. The hinge can be replaced by only removing LCD bezel and the keyboard bezil. I hated to have to replace the whole laptop just for going through the hassle of intstalling new software for my vinyl cutter.

If delo, just run the Windows installation CD and reinstall it from scratch. Is this an easy job for a female or would I do better taking it to a repair shop?

Will this tutorial work for a Dell Inspiron E? Mack, my dell latitude c has a screen problem. The service manual explains how to remove the display cover.

Anita Bingeman, Please can you give me directions for a Dell latitude D? Turn the riveted cast piece back and forth and pull away from the long part.