In fact we did a test on a moving car. The appropriate returns policy must be followed. I have learned it the hard way as cables that are too long will affect the reception signals! Despite the less than optimal network coverage, we proceeded with the test anyway. Once limit reached, they throttle the speed only, no need to pay extra.

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U’re Absolutely right, I am pretty impressive with the speed performance but let see when it’s get more subscriber at that time! Can you guys try to test the performance while on the move eg train or car?

**incendeo** – yes 4G WiMax USB Stick IMW-U300

I have a YES but its weird that i cant login to certain website of other campus. Thanks for the review. Since 21 Oct I would suggest you to install the Broadband Modem drivers in Windows 7 compatibility mode from the link then check if it helps.

The device has a rated download peak speed of 30Mbps and uplink of 6Mbps. Things are starting to turn around for Yes. Always happy to help out. Teething issues are bound to happen.

Broadband dongle could not be detected

By accessing, browsing or utilizing any or all of the products and services within Incendeo Lelong Store, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to terms contained herein together with all the rules, terms and privacy notices listed by Lelong. The real test will kmw-u300 when the network gets loaded with more and more customers. If there is coverage, the signal strength will appear on top represented by the number of bars. What is program compatibility? Does it disconnect when you move places?

Last Drivers  INTEL 82801IB ICH9 DRIVER

Just forcefully slide your fingernail in near the clips and NOT on the clips, imw–u300 one of the clips imw-u way, the other will get off imw-u easily in the same way.

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**incendeo** – yes 4G WiMax USB Sti (end 12/15/ AM)

If you use 1. And despite the growing pains, it works, and works well too once issues have been ironed out. I will be happy to help you with this issue. But do bear in mind that this is a virgin network with very little number of users per site, so you should expect these good, solid speed right now. On the data, if not mistaken they calculate by MB. Alright we continue to slid the USB cable up to the circular holes.


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To proceed, just key in your ID and password then click connect. There will be some wear and tears unless otherwise specified. Weighing in at 16g, the Go feels very light and judging by its weight alone, imw–u300 might think that the device is hollow dummy set.

We accept negotiations for fair price. Thanks for your complete review on YES others as well. Thank you once again for your hardwork. The shipping address for the omw-u300 3. About Us Contribute Advertising.