You can get older driver releases directly from the Motioninjoy website. I personally removed motioninjoy completely followed the above link and not only does the controller work flawlessly it works over bluetooth which i could never get motioninjoy to do without trying to overwrite the bluetooth driver each time causing the computer to never recognize it. That might be the problem all together. Thread Modes Dualshock 3 Vibration Issues. I’m having some troubles getting the vibration feature to work in ePSXe 1. Spoiler tagging a comment:

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[BUG] No vibration with PS3 Controller w/MotionJoy? :: Distance General Discussions

And I was wondering if you could either reduce the amount it vibrates or add an option for turning vibrate off. I tried using all three different Keyboard APIs, I vihration only using one of the “big motor” and “small motor” settings, then I tried adding them all.

If tried having it both functioning as a PS3 controller and emulating an XBOX controller, vibration is definitely on, even tried reinstalling the drivers. Also another reddit thread on using a controller with PC in ffxiv and has some info about motioninjoy and the above link. The most recent post in this thread is more than 8 months old. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


Then vibraation reset and I don’t remember if the driver was dead or not I do remember having to reset the computer quite a few times after changing things or deleting them so i may have had to go into the registry like was mentioned in the first link.

EU Fan Fest March A few other threads on the issue http: Germany 6 How to get vibration in 1. Mybb default Dark theme.

Andreotti Over at Motioninjoy forum Hi, I have recently downloaded Motioninjoy and noticed that my bit application epsxe wont use vibration when i am running windows 7 x64 ultimate edition, i found a way to fix my problem so i thought i would share it here and maybe it can help others. Yes, my password is: Search Member List Help. Well, I have rumble working here by using the emulation option in MotioninJoy and pad input in Lilypad. I know this thread is 4 years old but I am encountering this problem.

That might be the problem all together. Also if the screen could not constantly be shaking it would be nice. Germany 2 Using a PS3 controller on the computer, idk if its normal or not, but my controller is vibrating like crazy all the time Especailly in superboost mode.


RocketLeague submitted 4 years ago by agiantlobster. I know I had it working previously, now it just doesn’t for some reason.

How to get vibration in 1.7.0 with DualShock 3 and MotionInJoy drivers?

Bluetooth just -works- bibration personally liking the DS4 controler more. Mar 11, 7: God damn it MotionInJoy I am currently using this method and it works perfectly with PCSX2. No, create an account now.

Whelp, I’m at a loss It’s a bit frustrating that I have everything except the vibration working. I’ll see if I can manage getting rid of it completely and trying this again then, thanks: Adam View Profile View Posts.

HaruSawaSep 5, You must log in or sign up to reply here. If you’re using an xbox controller you can use this modified dll https: Squall Leonhart Jarrett Killer.